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Using BBB to Find Good Tree Companies


Every year we have to send a check to BBB in order to be listed on their company website. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, we receive several benefits from this organization. We receive a business citation with our name, address and telephone number as well as a link to our website. This allows for our information to get out to customers who are looking for our business. However, the main reason we use the BBB is because it affords us credibility or authority. The BBB is a great concept and it gives the customer confidence in a company for the business handling with their clients. Their mission is to help people find businesses or companies that they can trust. For instance, if you type in tree services Des Moines, then they are going to bring up a list of different tree service companies in Des Moines IA. As you scroll down, you will recognize whether or not they are accredited by the BBB and whether or not they are a reputable company. Once you click on their link it will take you to their reference page. It will show you if they are licensed, have government actions, advertising reviews, out of business, bankruptcy or if mail has been returned. It is a very detailed analysis of a company. In turn what this does for the consumer is that it gives you confidence that nothing is blatantly wrong with the company. It will also show complaints about a company and whether or not those complaints were resolved. This would be one of the first place we would recommend you looking if you are seriously looking for a tree service company in your area.