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Tree Services Gone Bad


Every now and then you hear stories of how things went really bad with regard to the tree service business. Lots of people don’t recognize the danger that occurs when you are cutting down trees. You can do a lot of damage either to your property or to your body. Most tree service companies have a lot of insurance to protect themselves from damages done.

Recently, these guys shared their experience on this website- http://www.nashvilletreeservices.org/

One family was looking to get a tree cut down on their property. The tree had fallen onto several trees at its base as well as at the top. It was a very interesting situation. They had not seen anything like this before. With this, they also recognized that their was a house about 10 feet away so it was pretty close. This tree cut would take special attention and care. The team brought in their boom truck to begin cutting away. Everything went fine for the first 20 minutes. They did exactly as they were suppose to with regards to cutting at the top. There was a moment that wasn’t sure if something really bad was going to happen during those 20 minutes. Needless to say, they were nervous and didn’t get a good feel about the tree being that close to the house. They cut off the top into pieces. The tree with its pressure even on the top moved a little as they cut it down. As they got a littler further down, the tree cutter recognized that the tree was beginning to move. He stopped cutting. He moved the boom lift away from it as quickly as he could to watch to see what the tree would be doing. To their surprise, the tree began to move. Instead of falling away from the house, it fell right on top of the house. The pressure from the fall of the tree meant that it would fall through the upper bedroom on a two story home all the way down into the living room. They could not believe what they saw just happened. On top of this the residents were still in their home. Thankfully, they were okay, but needless to say that they were extremely pissed.

One of the lessons we learned from this story is that we would be better aware of the situation to decide whether or not we will even take a job like this. It was dangerous on several fronts and there were so many things going on with the tree that it should have given them pause.