How to Find Tree Companies?


Previously, we had mentioned looking for tree service companies through Facebook recommendations. However, we recognized that some people will not want to go this direction. If this is not one of the directions you want to go, then we would suggest looking at some of the lead based service industry websites like Thumbtack or Home Advisor.

These companies were created with the intent of helping customers find good resources in their area. They have a pro center on their websites that allows tree service companies to be on their website. Some of these companies will do an extensive research on the company. For instance, one of them does a background check to make sure that they are not involved in or have been involved in any criminal activities. They also provide great resources for reviews. Once the businesses have a client referred to them, the client is able to write a review. Obviously, the more reviews they get, the better recommendations they will get to other potential clients.

How to Use These Companies?

It is a simple process. For instance, if you were looking up tree service Birmingham AL, then you would type in this information. This will take you to a screen that asks whether or not you have signed up. You will want to take this moment to sign up by creating an account. Once you have created your account, it will begin to let you access the different companies. You will next want to put in your need for a service. You will want to put in your name, the service you need and the cost that you are looking to pay for the service. Next, what happens is that they will send your information to the top 3-5 businesses that match your needs. The businesses will then send a quote back to your email or your set up page. You will get a chance to evaluate the quote. Then, you can look at the different companies to find out more about them.

Using BBB to Find Good Tree Companies


Every year we have to send a check to BBB in order to be listed on their company website. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, we receive several benefits from this organization. We receive a business citation with our name, address and telephone number as well as a link to our website. This allows for our information to get out to customers who are looking for our business. However, the main reason we use the BBB is because it affords us credibility or authority. The BBB is a great concept and it gives the customer confidence in a company for the business handling with their clients. Their mission is to help people find businesses or companies that they can trust. For instance, if you type in tree services Des Moines, then they are going to bring up a list of different tree service companies in Des Moines IA. As you scroll down, you will recognize whether or not they are accredited by the BBB and whether or not they are a reputable company. Once you click on their link it will take you to their reference page. It will show you if they are licensed, have government actions, advertising reviews, out of business, bankruptcy or if mail has been returned. It is a very detailed analysis of a company. In turn what this does for the consumer is that it gives you confidence that nothing is blatantly wrong with the company. It will also show complaints about a company and whether or not those complaints were resolved. This would be one of the first place we would recommend you looking if you are seriously looking for a tree service company in your area.

How to Hire Reputable Tree Service Companies?


When looking for a tree service company, many of you are wondering what makes a tree service company reputable? Just like all service industry businesses, the customer always wonders this one thing. Can I trust this company? Underneath there is a fear that the customer has with regards to which company is going to screw me over. It is a healthy fear. Obviously, there are lots of companies out there is questionable morals. These companies will overprice your services. They will take advantage of you if you seem to not know anything about the industry. They will do a poor job by failing to give you the service promised. These things can go on and on. Due to this many customers are gun shy in calling a tree cutting company. One company has been helping their clients think through how to detect scammy tree cutting companies. Tree removal Augusta GA has offered a free online consultation with a list of bad companies that the BBB have given F ratings. This is really helpful if you are wondering who is not an ethical company. The BBB base their ratings on customer complaints, etc. This is a very helpful resource.

Finding reputable Tree Companies in Your Area

Where do I even start? This is a great question. Word of mouth advertising has always been the best advertising. It is what people will call good gossip. These are the companies you are looking for with regards to meeting your needs. This means that their is good talk within the community because these businesses are thriving and doing good work. A great place to find good gossip is asking your friends on Facebook. I have found that this is excellent source of finding quality information. Is there a good tree service company in this city? For instance, can anyone recommend a tree service in Chattanooga? Try this approach first because you are more than likely going to get several positive feedbacks as well as negative feedback with who not to go with.

Look for Reviews

There is a saying that says, ‘follow the money’ when someone is trying to find a solution to a problem. Well, another way to put it when looking for a tree service company is by saying, ‘follow the reviews.’ Reviews are huge. Companies are recognizing how important reviews are now. They are starting to see that if you don’t have reviews or if you have bad reviews, then people will be able to notice on the internet. People are more willing these days to write reviews on the internet either good or bad. When looking for a tree company, then look for the reviews in your area. For instance, if someone were looking for stump grinding Columbia SC, then they could easily go to Google to find reviews. On the first page of Google you will right away see Google reviews and who is getting the most reviews in the area. We have found this to be extremely helpful to see whether a company is a good company or not.

I hope this article has been helpful as you think through how to find a reputable tree service company. Please feel free to leave us a comment or questions with regarding tree service companies.

Tree Services Gone Bad


Every now and then you hear stories of how things went really bad with regard to the tree service business. Lots of people don’t recognize the danger that occurs when you are cutting down trees. You can do a lot of damage either to your property or to your body. Most tree service companies have a lot of insurance to protect themselves from damages done.

Recently, these guys shared their experience on this website-

One family was looking to get a tree cut down on their property. The tree had fallen onto several trees at its base as well as at the top. It was a very interesting situation. They had not seen anything like this before. With this, they also recognized that their was a house about 10 feet away so it was pretty close. This tree cut would take special attention and care. The team brought in their boom truck to begin cutting away. Everything went fine for the first 20 minutes. They did exactly as they were suppose to with regards to cutting at the top. There was a moment that wasn’t sure if something really bad was going to happen during those 20 minutes. Needless to say, they were nervous and didn’t get a good feel about the tree being that close to the house. They cut off the top into pieces. The tree with its pressure even on the top moved a little as they cut it down. As they got a littler further down, the tree cutter recognized that the tree was beginning to move. He stopped cutting. He moved the boom lift away from it as quickly as he could to watch to see what the tree would be doing. To their surprise, the tree began to move. Instead of falling away from the house, it fell right on top of the house. The pressure from the fall of the tree meant that it would fall through the upper bedroom on a two story home all the way down into the living room. They could not believe what they saw just happened. On top of this the residents were still in their home. Thankfully, they were okay, but needless to say that they were extremely pissed.

One of the lessons we learned from this story is that we would be better aware of the situation to decide whether or not we will even take a job like this. It was dangerous on several fronts and there were so many things going on with the tree that it should have given them pause.

Raleigh Tree Cutting Services


We are proud to announce that we are started a brand new blog focused on helping to educate our clients as well as to help them make better informed decisions about hiring tree service companies. We recognize that you have lots of options with regards to who you can choose for yor tree cutting business. You can find lots of companies through this site directory as well as through Home Advisor. Again, we are proud to serve the Raleigh area and we look forward to serving you with the best possible advice and service that we can give. We also are excited about our new opportunities to partner with another tree service company. If you are looking for tree service Knoxville TN, then we have just recently partnered with them to begin to expand our tree cutting services into Tennessee. Please feel free to contact us for more information.